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Hello, I am Hsu Mon Phoo Phoo, founder of this blog.


International Scholarships for Myanmar Students aims to provide Burmese students with free up-to-date information concerning available scholarships and grants, as well as educational tips, so that they could apply and complete their studies abroad and one day, contribute in return to the development of their native country.


As a former Zoology student in Myanmar and after graduating with a Master of Science in France, I have experienced some of the needs and situations that Burmese young people may face with in a foreign country. For those reasons, I would like to share my modest knowledge with others and help them as much as I can to fulfill their goals.


Following the success of a Facebook page, this website was launched in 2019. It has currently been enriched by many contributors and exists with the support of its community.


Then, feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment, I would be pleased to answer you.

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