Myanmar Diary from 2025

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by Ngway Sin Pann Thun

Myanmar is a small developing country which is situated in Southeast Asia. Myanmar was granted independence in 1948 as a democratic nation. Like every other nation on earth, Myanmar is facing a global corona virus pandemic at the moment. However, last November, Myanmar managed to hold its third general election in six decades for the development of the country's democratic transition. As widely predicted, Myanmar's election on November 8 was a thundering victory for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy (NLD). The results ensure that the party will form the next government, and that the 75-year-old Daw Aung San Suu Kyi will remain in power for a second five-year term. The NLD remains popular at home but has been criticised worldwide after Daw Suu Kyi's response to Rohingya crisis.

For the next five years, Myanmar can be expected to set the dials toward an ''independent and active'' foreign policy _ one premised on expanding economic and political relations with a broad variety of foreign partners to offset China's proximity and clout. The locus of Myanmar's foreign policy will be strengthening its economic and security ties with regional partners, including India, Japan, Thailand, South Korea and Singapore. For the time being, Myanmar's position towards China will remain fraught with internal tensions. Afterward, Myanmar is one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia Pacific, with a key geostrategic location, abundant natural resources and a youthful population. At the same time, however, Myanmar faces major challenges, both external and internal. In August 2018, the government launched the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan (MSDP), which runs until 2030, and aims to bring together many existing national and regional schemes for economic and social advancement. In 2025, poverty may decrease and living standards may improve for millions of people. There may be a far richer and more informed debate _ on Myanmar's political economy and its future development options. As the impact of corona virus pandemic will be huge, Myanmar will have to struggle to keep breast with others.

As for the education aspect, schools and universities in Myanmar are closed in the present due to COVID-19 situation. Schools will reopen only when COVID-19 infection rate declines to a safe level. The postponement of the academic year to next year can cause problems for efforts to reform the basic education curriculum. Some of the universities are now programming to build online learning system. Therefore, as a result of corona virus pandemic, in next five years, Myanmar is taking steps to bring education online. There may be more online classes and schools. However, education is not only learning subjects but also socializing with others. So, Myanmar's traditional education system may never disappear. Nevertheless, in today's age of technology, Computer Science and Artificial intelligence are involved everywhere. A child will benefit from studying the basics of Computer Science, learning lessons about it will help the children to develop logical thinking and problem solving skills. In 2025, in Myanmar, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence may become a part of the standardized basic education curriculum.

Nowadays, the role of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence is gradually increasing in various sectors, such as agriculture, transportation, economics, constructions, healthcare and so on. Careers related to Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence are among the highest paying jobs in the world and for next five years in Myanmar, job openings in these fields are expected to grow twice the rate of any job. Furthermore, job careers such as data analysts and scientists, general and operation manager, software and application developers, sales and marketing professionals, new technology specialists, organizational development specialists, information technology services may be emerging and popular among youths. Moreover, the numbers of tourism and travelling jobs may increase in the future. Revenue from tourism has dropped by more than 80 percent, since the global pandemic in Myanmar, according to a survey by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. When the global corona virus pandemic comes to an end, the tourism industry of Myanmar may thumb up again. As Myanmar has many traditional, fascinating and mysterious places, more travellers may gain an interest in Myanmar. Upgrading visa conditions for the visitors would most likely help, alongside efforts in the west to promote the country's wide-ranging tourist attraction.

Additionally, prior to the outbreak of corona virus pandemic, Myanmar's construction was expected to grow 9.1 percent in 2020. However, due to the strict lockdowns and travel restrictions to contain the spread of virus, construction activities were disrupted across the country. As a result, it now can be expected to register a growth of 3.7 percent in 2020. The industry is expected to recover in 2021 and the government is focusing on transport infrastructure. In 2025, Yangon and Mandalay will still be the main commercial cities of Myanmar, and the urbanisation will blossom in these two cities due to the current focus of economic and commercial activities. Yangon is the centre of trade of lower Myanmar and Mandalay is the trade centre of upper Myanmar. The capital, Nay Pyi Taw, will continue to develop as an administrative centre and a logistical hub for distribution in Myanmar due to its strategic location in the centre of the country. Moreover, the countrysides are expected to be more developed and standardized.

Within five years from now, Myanmar will face many challenges and barriers especially due to corona virus. Nevertheless, Myanmar may recover from all the impacts of COVID-19 around in 2022. The rate of growth in economy and tourism will obviously increase and the people will gain better opportunities for jobs. The standards of living will improve and there will be more recreation places. Since the industrial zones will be more widespreading and also due to the increase in numbers of cars, there will be air pollution, water pollution and so on. Therefore, the government and citizens must try hard to preserve the environment and also to keep the nation stable and firm.

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