University of Twente Scholarship (UTS) for International Students in Netherlands

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

University of Twente Scholarship (UTS) for International Students in Netherlands, 2021

The University Twente Scholarship (UTS) is a scholarship for excellent students from both EU/EEA as well as non-EU/EEA countries, applying for a graduate programme (MSc) at the University of Twente. The students receive between € 3,000 and € 22,000 for one year.

နယ်သာလန်နိူင်ငံရှိ UTS ပညာသင်ဆုပါ။ မာစတာတန်းတွက်လျှောက်ထားနိူင်ပါတယ်။

အောက်ပါ ဘာသာရပ်တွေထဲမှ မိမိစိတ်ဝင်စားလျှောက်ထားချင်သည့် ဘာသာရပ်တစ်ခုခုတွက် ကျောင်းဝင်ခွင့်လျှောက်ထားပြီး ဝင်ခွင့်ရရှိမှ ဆိုင်ရာ ကျောင်းသားမှတ်ပုံတင်နံပါတ်ကိုသုံးပြီး ပညာသင်ဆုဆက်လျှောက်ထားရမှာဖြစ်ပါတယ်။

လျှောက်ထားနိူင်သည့် ဘာသာရပ်မေဂျာကလည်းအတော်များပါတယ်။

Eligible Subjects

  1. Applied Mathematics

  2. Applied Physics

  3. Biomedical Engineering

  4. Business Administration

  5. Business Information Technology

  6. Chemical Engineering

  7. Civil Engineering and Management

  8. Communication Studies

  9. Computer Science

  10. Construction Management and Engineering

  11. Educational Science and Technology

  12. Electrical Engineering

  13. Embedded Systems

  14. Environmental and Energy Management

  15. European Studies

  16. Health Sciences

  17. Human Media

  18. InteractionIndustrial

  19. Design Engineering

  20. Industrial Engineering and Management

  21. Internet Science & Technology

  22. Mechanical Engineering

  23. Nanotechnology

  24. Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society

  25. Psychology

  26. Public Administration

  27. Sustainable Energy Technology

  28. Systems and Control


In order to be eligible for a the University of Twente Scholarship, you should meet all the requirements below  

  1. Application for an UT scholarship is a procedure separate from the application for course entry at the University of Twente. Regardless of funding, you will need to gain an admission letter first.

  2. You have been (provisionally) admitted to one of the qualifying UT Master programmes starting in the academic year 2021/2022 (September). Please note: After completion of your application, it may take up to 8 weeks before you receive the results.

  3. You must have a studentnumber.

  4. You have not graduated from a UT (under)graduate programme;

  5. You comply with the conditions for obtaining an entry visa in the Netherlands (if applicable);

  6. You comply with the general English language test requirement Academic IELTS 6.5 (or TOEFL iBT of 90) and an additional 6.0 (TOEFL iBT 20) on the subscore of speaking skills

  7. You are not eligible for a Dutch study loan;

  8. The University Twente Scholarship is a scholarship for excellent students. Typically this means that you belong to the best 5 to 10 percent of your class

Application Deadline - 1 May, 2021

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